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Pheromone Lures

Pheromone traps utilize insect hormones to simulate the type of scent produced by the female insect to seduce or lure their male counterparts. Males lured into traps are prevented from mating.
Pheromone traps are used for trapping to reduce the immediate pest population and also for monitoring purposes.
These traps assist the grower in determining the mating activity of the insect pest by counting insects trapped over a period of time. This information will enable a sound decision to be made regarding the timing for the release of beneficial insects and the use of organic repellents and insecticides to knock down large pest populations.
Our pheromone trap kits are ready-for-use and include everything required for setting the trap. Extra lures, baits, and sticky bottoms are also available to enhance duration of trap usage or for use in subsequent pest outbreaks.
Other traps available in the market do not use a pheromone. Instead, they use color and a sticky surface to lure and trap pests.


  • All-round trap for several pests which can be used both in greenhouses and in the open field
  • Weather-proof
  • Thanks to the sticky base, you can quickly register the number of insect pests
  • With careful monitoring, you can detect infestations in time to intervene at the ideal moment
  • The insects are attracted to the species-specific pheromone. They fly into the trap and get caught on the sticky base plate

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