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Bio Smart


Shish Industries provides sustainable solutions and biological pest control methods, we see a need for more and better information. Using the wrong product or the wrong approach for a biological pest management solution can back fire. Shish provide you with the resources to help you make the best choices when it comes to your integrated pest management needs. we can help with our line of biocontrol products and biological controlmethods.

Sticky Trap

Sticky traps by Shish Industries are a highly-effective tool for identifying adult insect pests present in a greenhouse, including …

Sticky Roll

Sticky Rolls provide an easy method for estimating pest population densities. When the timing of pest control actions is based on these relative estimates along with…

Pheromone Trap

A specially designed, triangular pheromone trap with a sticky base for the monitoring of flies, mosquitoes and moths…

Rat Trap

A specially designed sticky rat trap for catching rats. Manufactured using 100% Organic & strong glue, the rat trap offers..

Mosquito Trap

A specially designed sticky trap to catch mosquitos. The trap makes use of Pheromone to attract mosquito to sticky liner…

Pheromone Lures

Pheromone traps utilize insect hormones to simulate the type of scent produced by the…


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