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Innovative 5-layered Packaging Solution

Stagguard is the result of constant innovation at Shish Industries Ltd. Designed to meet the growing demand for stronger packaging materials, Stagguard is a 5-layered polypropylene corrugated sheet that is easy to handle, convert, and customize.
Possessing several amazing properties, Stagguard sheets can be converted into boxes, cases and returnable transport containers according to the requirement. You need to know about a live casino 2020

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Feature & Benefits

  • Extremely lightweight & durable
  • Industrial-grade packaging material with ability to replace plywood for packaging
  • High resistance ability from a wide range of chemicals and oils
  • Completely scratch and impact resistant
  • Easy to handle, manage and customize according to requirement
  • 100% recyclable
  • Weather and thermal conductivity resistant

Technical Specification


Product NameStagguard
WidthUp to 1600mm
GSM750 – 4500 GSM
FireFire-retardant customization available
UVUV resistance customisation available
ChemicalNon-reactive to majority of chemicals
Recycle100% recyclable
Electrostatic DischargeAnti-static

Technical Download

Resistance of  to Various Chemicals

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Stagguard -General Specifications of Polypropylene

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Stagguard – Environmental

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Stagguard – General Conversion Information

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Stagguard – Health and Safety Aspects

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Stagguard MSDS – Safety Data Sheet

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Stagguard – Sterilization

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