PP Fruit Case

Saffguard provides full range of Fresh Produce Packaging for the use in the fruit and vegetable industry, Ranging from light weight picking totes to one way shipping containers for table grapes, asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms or tropical stone fruits: these boxes are manufactured from food contact grade Polypropylene Saffguard being water and chemical resistant. They are suitable for cooling and wash down systems and are recyclable.


  • Flat packed
  • Light weight
  • Water resistant
  • Printable
  • Custom designs
  • Non Toxic


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Tree Plant Box

Yellow Stricky Trap

This remarkable Insect Glue Trap attracts and traps flying insect pests around your plants, fruits and vegetables. It is an effective product that works in the rain, sun or wind that requires no on-going maintenance, has no poison, no chemicals and no vapours or baiting. The Glue Trap is a bright yellow colour and double sided. This therefore sends out a unique colourful wavelength that attracts a broad range of small flying insects. These may include fruit flies (both male and female), black flies, white flies, shaw-flies, mosquitoes, midges and the every day-to-day small flying insect pest. It is effective, simple and easy to use with no mess as a result. The “Outdoor Complete” Insect Glue Traps are made with biodegradable materials and can be disposed (when wrapped in newspaper) with ordinary house hold waste after use. This effective product is safe, simple, easy and stress-free, acting as a helpful remedy against small flying insect pests.

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PP Vegitable Case