PP Box Pallet

Stagguard Roll

Polypropylene PP Corrugated Plastic Rolls is an extruded 5ply ( GSM from 550GSM > 1000GSM ) fluted PP corrugated plastic sheets consisting of two / multi flat walls connected by vertical ribs. Offer Polypropylene PP Corrugated Plastic Sheet in Rolls is mainly manufactured from a high impact polymer polypropylene (PP) resin, which can be recycling,washable, durable and reusable etc. Eco-friendly Plastic Polypropylene PP Corrugated Plastic Rolls / Sheet / Board / Signs / Boxes has proved that it is suitable in the uses of packaging, advertising, printing, construction, agriculture, industry and Pharmaceutical etc. Features of Polypropylene PP Corrugated Plastic Rolls: 1. Light weight, rigid,strong and long-time durable 2. Water proof,moisture resistance, excellent weather ability 3. Chemical resistance, impact resistance, fade resistance 4. Environmental friendly, recycled use,washable,non-toxic,anti-corrosion 5. Food contact packing 6. Excellent surface for paints and inks easily 7. Cost-efficient,economical for any end user 8. Easy to fabricate, custom-made cut shape.

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