VciBubble is made by laminating Polyethylene air bubbles with coextruded polyethylene film VCI inhibitor additive. It simultaneously protects your products from corrosion, impacts and friction between the different pieces inside the packing cases. Three important functions in only one product completely recyclable. In addition, as VciBubble is transparent, you can always be sure that the items to be protected are correctly positioned. VciBubble Film enhances the life of the product as it saves it against catching rust, corrosion and contamination thus playing a huge role while transporting and exporting these products as it ensures a protective transit. Unlike old oiling and greasing systems, VciBubble is practical, low cost and pollutes less. The manufactured good is ready for use as soon as the packing is opened and no pickling is required. Available in rolls, sheets and bags, VciBubble is an effective and ingenious solution!

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